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Choosing the Right Outdoor Christmas Lights

Do you remember being a little kid, bundling up to get in the car, and driving to see the lights up and down each snowy street? This is a tradition that you can pass on to future generations, and keep the memories alive throughout the years. There are many different ways in which you can adorn your landscape. Start out with the right type of bulb according to use.

Types of Lights

  • 5MM Minis. These lights are used for bushes, shrubs, tree trunks, windows, and ornamental décor such as wreaths, garland and greenery.

  • LED C7 Bulbs. These bulbs are used for deciduous trees or can be used for larger evergreen trees adding a retro glow.

  • LED C9 Bulbs. C9 bulbs are used for lining rooftops, entryways, and larger evergreen trees.

Trees & Plants to Decorate in Your Yard

  • Evergreen Trees. These taller trees are usually seen from roadways and stand above rooflines seen from the street. Using LED C9 lights will space the bulbs in a vertical route, lighting all the gaps, giving it a glow all the way around.

  • Deciduous Trees. Adding LED C7 lights to tree trunks can really accentuate the base of the tree all the way up the trunk as well as highlight some of the main branches in the canopy of the tree.

  • Bushes/Shrubs. Decorating bushes and shrubs with 5mm mini lights illuminates the yard and creates a ground effect when lit up at night.

House Fixtures

  • Roof. Adding roof lights - we suggest LED C9 bulbs - illuminates the roofline and blends the lights together making your display shine brighter.

  • Windows. Decorating windows is an elegant way to show the beauty of the building architecture. Using 5mm minis offers a simple, yet elegant touch of brightness that can be seen from afar.

  • Driveways/Walkways. A great way to light up a pathway or driveway is by adding C9 lights on stakes in the ground.

No matter how simple or elaborate you get with decorating your home or business for the holidays, hanging Christmas lights serves as the foundation of childhood memories. Start a tradition that allows you to get creative by adding some holiday spirit for your family and others to enjoy.


Timberline Landscaping Blog (2021, Nov. 20). Choosing the Right Christmas Lights for Your Landscape.

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