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Feeding Winter Birds

We will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving which often includes a large meal. Consider leaving a meal for the birds in your yard.

There are many birds that overwinter in Colorado, including chickadees, juncos, crows, and the striking cedar waxwing. Help them this winter by providing a bird feeder.

Try to identify a few of them in your yard before choosing the food source you provide. Not all birdseed is created equal. You will want to choose a mix that your local birds will eat. According to CSU Extension, black oil sunflower seed is a safe bet that many wild birds in Colorado enjoy.

You might also choose a suet bird feeder, which will bring around nearby chickadees and woodpeckers. There are special feeders available that hold a block of suet. You can also go the old-fashioned route and use a pinecone coated with peanut butter or fat.

Keep an eye out for other wildlife or house pets that might seek out the tasty snacks in your feeder - seeds, fat, or even birds. Adjust the location of your feeder to help keep the birds safe. If squirrels frequent your landscape, you might need a special "squirrel-proof" feeder.

Don't forget to provide a beverage with that meal. Give birds a water source with a bird bath or shallow tray of water. Replenish it daily and clean it weekly to be sure your feathered friends have a clean place to drink.


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