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Helping Plants after a Heavy Snowfall

Deep snowfalls - especially spring snow that tends to be heavier and wetter than powdery winter snow - can break tree limbs, smother and crush ornamental grasses and splay upright evergreens. Much of Colorado was hit with such a snow storm this past weekend. Even though we here in Chaffee County did not get as much as snow as other parts of the state, here are a few things you can do now to assist your plants in the wake of a heavy snowfall:

  • Inspect tress for broken branches that seem to be hanging by a thread. Line up an expert to cut the branches properly to avoid insect or disease problems in these wounds later on.

  • Branches of columnar evergreens can spread apart under heavy snow. For upright evergreens that have splayed, check at a garden center for material that can be wrapped around the branches to restore their upright shape.

  • If ornamental grasses have been crushed, they won't bounce back. Plan a time when the weather is warm to cut grasses back. This needs to be done in the springtime anyway before new shoots emerge.

Above all, be safe. If you have toppled plants with downed wires, assume the wire is energized and do not touch it. Contact local utilities to check it out before approaching.


Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (2021, March 12). Tip of the Week: March Snow.

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