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Light Up Your Landscape

Imagine yourself relaxing on the deck with a mug of tea or apple cider as you enjoy the cooler nights of autumn in Colorado. But fumbling in the dark with a mug of hot liquid is not a good idea. And candles and torches can be a hazard in our fire-prone state.

Despite continuing warmer temperatures, shorter days can limit the time we spend outdoors this fall. One way to extend the time outdoors is with landscape lighting. It's an investment in safety and curb appeal, and it can add to your enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Pathway lights make is possible to navigate your landscape safely. Patio lighting can make your yard attractive and cozy past sundown. Plus, technological advances like LED bulbs and quality solar-powered fixtures have made landscape lighting more efficient than ever. The right lighting can enhance your landscape and improve your time outdoors this fall.


Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (2021, Sept. 24). Tip of the Week: Light your landscape.

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