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Plan Ahead for Spring

With snow in the forecast, it's hard to believe that the first day of spring is next month. It's not a good time to work outside, but you can still think ahead and make plans from the comfort of your living room.

Make a Plan

Use a trusted online source - CSU Extension has reliable Colorado-specific resources) - to help you decide what you want to grow and where. Check your local library for reference guides, or sign up for a community class on water-wise landscaping, pollinator gardens, or whatever you want to see in your yard.

Find your Seeds

Did you harvest some seeds from your first tomatoes or save your marigold seeds? Take a moment to locate those seeds you set aside last year. Review the guidelines for each type of plant so that you know when it's time to sow them.

Place Orders

Do you need some new tools, parts for outdoor equipment, or new seeds? Check prices, find the right supplier, and order items soon so that they arrive before you need them.

Schedule with the Professionals

If you need sprinkler activation, weekly mowing, renovations, weed control, or any landscape services this spring or summer, contact Kayette in our office for estimates and to get on our calendar. Don't get lost in the scramble of procrastinators calling for appointments on that first warm, spring day.


Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (2020, Feb. 14). Tip of the Week: Plan Ahead.

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