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Planning for a Water-Wise Landscape

It's too early to start planting, but it's a good time to make a plan for a successful landscape this year. Recent heavy snowfall was much-needed, but it hasn't eliminated drought in the state, so be sure that your landscape plans are strategic and water-wise. Here are some things to remember when planning a water-wise landscape:

Start with the sprinkler system. When water is scarce, sprinklers need to be at maximum efficiency so that every drop you use and pay for has a purpose. Schedule with us now (if you are not already on our list), before we are booked up, to service your sprinkler system at the end of May 2021. Our certified irrigation contractor will evaluate your system and make the repairs needed that keep your plants healthy and stop water waste. We may recommend water-efficient upgrades like adding some drip irrigation or better nozzles on the sprinkler heads.

Keep up with maintenance. Poor maintenance practices lead to compromised plants that can be susceptible to insect damage and diseases. If your plants are drought-stressed now, their immune factor is already low. You can also clean out the winter plant debris in beds where problems can start. If you have signed up with us for maintenance, we will come out to prune your non-flowering trees and shrubs which promotes natural growth and vigor.

Put the right plant in the right place. A water-wise landscape doesn't have to be drab and full of rocks. Use plants that are meant to be grown here in Colorado's conditions, and you can still have a vibrant, colorful landscape. CSU Extension offers fact sheets for xeriscaping with various plants: 7.229, Xeriscaping: Trees and Shrubs, 7.230, Xeriscaping: Ground Cover Plants, 7.231, Xeriscaping: Garden Flowers, and 7.234, Xeriscaping: Retrofit Your Yard. They also have a great fact sheet on sustainable landscaping in general.

Remember that a water-wise landscape will not only save water but also save you time and money while delivering many benefits.


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