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Prepare your Landscape for Spring

In spite of the heavy snow we received earlier this week, Spring is here and your yard and landscape are due for a spring cleanup! Maintaining your landscape during the spring is vital for a healthy and attractive yard come summer. Following are six ways to prepare your landscape for spring and encourage vigorous, healthy growth of your plants and lawn.

  1. Pruning, Cutting Back Grass, & Removing Debris. Spring pruning has two main goals: 1) removing dead and diseased branches and 2) maintaining the correct form for the plant. Summer flowering trees and shrubs need selective pruning. Ornamental grasses and perennials should be cut back and lawn grass needs to be cut to within 3" or less of the ground. Then, it is time to remove all debris from the beds.

  2. Turning Mulch & Adding Nutrients. Turning or adding a layer of fresh mulch can provide insulation from fluctuating temperatures, slows water loss to evaporation, and reduces competition from grass and weeds.

  3. Tuning Up your Lawn Equipment. Inspect the equipment for damages that could affect the safety and functionality. Be sure to change the oil, air filter, and spark plug in a lawn mower. Remove any dirt or grass clippings from the deck and sharpen the blades.

  4. Aerating your Lawn. Aeration is crucial to a healthy lawn. It opens the turf canopy and reduces compaction allowing water, air and nutrients to get into the soil.

  5. Overseeding your Lawn. Overseeding is spreading new grass seed over an existing lawn to fill thin spots. This keeps your lawn thick and lush. The best time to oversee a cool season lawn is in May or late August.

  6. Turning on Irrigation. Because of our late average last frost date in Chaffee County (mid to late June), irrigation systems are typically turned on in June. Be sure to hand water before then but take precautions when temps dip below freezing at night.

By following the six ways to prepare your landscape for spring, you can make your little bit of heaven more enjoyable throughout out the year.


Timberline Landscaping (2021, April 6). 6 Ways to Prepare Your Landscape for Spring.

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