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Time to Check your Trees

We're dealing with summer weather temperatures right now, but it's time to look ahead to fall when it comes to tree care. The greater-than-normal precipitation we've seen this year has had quite an effect on our landscapes. Plants - and weeds - grew a lot with all that extra moisture, and so have many of our trees.

You may have noticed a growth spurt of branches and leaves on both new and mature trees. That's a good thing, since we want our tree canopy to thrive so it can help cool us, provide homes for birds and other wildlife, and to make our landscapes attractive.

But keep in mind that here in Colorado, there's a possibility of snow in October, or even in September. That can result in some big damage if your tree is not prepared.

Now is a good time to prune/trim the overgrowth. Get rid of branches that might break off and damage property nearby. For safety's sake, and to make sure you can see that you are cutting properly, only prune what you can easily reach from the ground. To prune anything that is up higher than your reach, contact a professional to prune the right branches using proper safety equipment and techniques.

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Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (2019, August 2). Tip of the Week: Check your trees.

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