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Time to Tune up your Tools

Are you itching to get out and work in the yard? Planting time really is just around the corner. While you wait until spring snows and the threat of freeze are over, there are plenty of ways to prepare for the growing season.

To be effective and efficient in the yard, you need the right tools and tools that are in good condition. Take stock now of the shovels, rakes, weeding tools, and pruners that are stashed in your garage or shed.

Make DIY repairs and schedule services for the tasks you won't do yourself:

  • On metal surfaces of shovels and other tools, remove rust with steel wool and apply WD-40.

  • Replace broken handles on shovels and rakes.

  • Sharpen blades on pruners and also the lawnmower.

  • Schedule the spring tune-up for your lawnmower. You'll want to be ready to roll and not waiting in line when it's time for the first mow of the season.

  • Schedule spring lawn aeration and sprinkler system activation with us at Bearss Landscaping now, as schedules fill up quickly.

Finally, resist the urge to plant too early. Our part of Colorado could see below freezing temps through May and even after Memorial Day. Be patient in order to give your new plants the best chance at thriving in your landscape.


Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (2021, April 2). Tip of the Week: Tune up your tools.

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