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Year of the Sunflower

The National Garden Bureau named 2021 the Year of the Sunflower, and with good reason. This cheerful plant is always a popular cut flower, and it's rather easy to grow. Plus, there's still time to plant some sunflowers in your landscape.

Some facts about sunflowers:

  • They are native to North America, so they are well-suited to grow here.

  • They provide both nectar and seeds, making them a great plant for pollinators.

  • The flowers move to face the sun, a process called heliotropism.

According to CSU's PlantTalk, sunflower care is simple. They do best in full sun for 6+ hours each day and should be planted approximately 6-12" apart. Since many sunflower varieties are native, they are drought tolerant. Water deeply but infrequently for best results.


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