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April is National Lawn Care Month

To welcome the annual burst of spring color, the Professional Lawn Care Association of America designates each April as National Lawn Care Month. A healthy lawn not only looks great, but it can prevent erosion, cool the local environment, and filter pollutants from air and water. To enjoy all these benefits, avoid these five mistakes:

  1. Planting grass where it won't grow. Turf needs full sun. If you are looking to fill a shady spot, consider another ground cover suited to shade, such as vinca minor (periwinkle) or sweet woodruff.

  2. Planting only one type of grass and/or the wrong kind. Know your zone and plant grasses that can thrive in Colorado's sunny, dry conditions.

  3. Improper watering. Take the time to train the root by watering less frequently but more deeply. Cycle and soak but not midday when water is lost to evaporation.

  4. Mowing too short. The best height for lawn health and water conservation is 2 1/2 to 3 inches. You should mow often enough that you are never removing more than 1/3 of the lawn height.

  5. Improper use of fertilizer. So many things can go wrong with fertilizer: too much, too little, applied at the wrong time of year. It's a good idea to consult a landscape professional to make sure it is being used properly.

Healthy lawns require routine maintenance and it's okay to ask for help. Our team at Bearss Landscaping can help you set your landscape up for success with the right plants in the right place and the right maintenance practices that save money, time, and resource. Contact our office today to get on track for a healthy lawn this spring, summer, and beyond.


Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (2021, April 16). Tip of the Week: Lawn care month.

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