The 2020 Summer Crew

Mike Enger



Jim Bearss



Hawk White

Heavy machine operator


Kyle giossi


field tech & Mechanic

Josh Bearss



The Chief Troublemaker and Master of Third Impressions. Josh runs everything from Skid-Steer Olympics to keeping customers happy with his excitable personality and charming wit.

Desk Jockey and Expert Level Landscaper. While constantly on the run to save the world, Mike is an expert in making sure things are done with excellence.

Grandfather Bearss is our Coloring 

Technician at Bearss. He likes to think he keeps us all in line.



Foreman & Irrigation Tech

Simply put, Jared Works Wonders with Water. He was voted Mr. Congeniality in a Facebook poll put on by another landscaping company.

Maddie Montera


Admin Assistant, A/R, A/P

Computer Wiz and and Gamer 2.0. Maddie is an expert with hieroglyphics &

monopoly money.

Hawk wants to fly like an eagle into the future, but he's a hawk. For now, he enjoys all of the big toys Bearss has to offer.

Anne Dekam


Field Tech


Bev Jackson


Marketing extraordinaire

Up for any task, Bev is the master of saving the town from mass destruction. Though she has hung up her cape, she is still quick to the rescue.


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