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Benefits of Perennials

Perennials are a solid, sustainable option for ongoing seasonal color. Late summer and early fall are great times to plant and divide these plants that keep on giving.

Three benefits of planting perennials:

  1. They come back. Plant a perennial once and that same plant can beautify your landscape year after year. Perennials provide great value because, unlike annuals, you need only purchase and plant them once. They should return to bloom again for many years, getting larger and more striking as they grow.

  2. They can save water. Once established, low-water perennials can help reduce the amount of water needed to maintain nonstop outdoor color. Look for drought-tolerant Plant Select perennials, developed by Colorado State University with Denver Botanic Gardens to thrive in Colorado's unique conditions. Also, check out this fact sheet from CSU Extension that includes a list of Colorado water-wise perennials.

  3. They grow a family. Many perennials can spread, filling in bare spaces in your landscape and helping to crowd out weeds. They may even outgrow their space after a few seasons. If that happens, divide the plant into two or three, and plant the thinned out plant in another area of your yard. Now is a great time to divide any crowded perennials like ornamental grasses, Black-eyed Susans, and daisies.

Planting now gives your perennials a head start on the next growing season. Make a planting plan so that you stagger plants according to their blooming times. That can provide a longer sequence of blooms in your yard, with color from early spring into fall.


Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (2019, Sept. 13). Tip of the Week: 3 benefits of perennials.

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