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Celebrate National Arbor Day

Friday, April 30th, is National Arbor Day, a day dedicated to trees! Now, Spring, is a great time to think about planting new trees. It gives them a long growing season to get settled into their new home.

Although trees are undeniably a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, they don't just help screen out unsightly views. Here are some other great benefits of planting trees:

  • Planting a native tree supports native birds and other wildlife.

  • During one year, a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange.

  • Trees and shrubs planted for windbreaks can cut fuel consumption by an average of 40%, according to the US Department of Energy.

  • The shade that trees provide can slow evaporation from the lawns they cover, reducing the need to water.

  • Trees can go a long way toward improving a home's value when it's time to sell. Landscaping that includes healthy, mature trees can add between 10 and 20 percent to a home's property values.

  • Trees improve well-being. Studies have shown that exposure to trees boosts concentration and overall mood, reducing the potential for stress, anxiety, and depression.

With all these benefits, planting trees should be a part of your spring landscaping plans. Even if you don't actually plant a tree this Friday, check out the Arbor Day Foundation's page for ways you can celebrate.


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