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Daylight Springs Forward - But Should You Spring Forward in Landscape Care?

Surely we aren't the only ones struggling waking up in the morning this week following Daylight Saving spring forward. With spring forward, fifty degree weather, and rain coming our way, all of the sudden everyone is itching to be outside and wanting to spring forward in their landscape needs and planting. But not so fast!

It may be time to get outside and start planning all of your DIY landscaping needs, but try and resist the urge to start planting on your own as of right now. Begin to keep in mind that March/April is historically Colorado's heaviest snow months and last year we saw heavy snow as late as June. The moisture is great, but the frost that follows as the snow melts is detrimental for new plants.


According to the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, it is okay to pursue the itch to get outside by doing some preparations for plantings later this spring/early summer:

-Sharpen the blades on your mowers and tools

-Give your mower a tune-up

-Aerate your lawn

-Schedule your irrigation system turn-on

-Clean up your yard from the fall/winter leaves, debris, and animal droppings

-Add compost to your veggie garden

(ALCC, 2020)


Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado. (2020, March 6). Tip of the week (email newsletter).

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