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Make the Most of Mulch

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden. This is the act of placing a protective barrier (mulch) around your plants and over your bare soil.

Mulching benefits go far beyond increasing the look and value of your home or business.

Check out five great reasons for wood mulch:

  1. Seasonal mulching decreases water evaporation rates from the soil by as much as 35 percent, which makes for efficient water use.

  2. Mulching suppresses weed growth. If there are fewer weeds in your yard, there are fewer plants competing with your landscape plants for nutrients and moisture. That's another water savings.

  3. A healthy layer of mulch insulates plants and helps protect their roots from the extreme temperature shifts we experience in Colorado.

  4. As mulch breaks down, it becomes nutritious organic matter, which promotes future healthy growth.

  5. Like frosting on a cake, mulch creates an even appearance across the landscape and provides year-round color, texture, and interest.

Mulches recycled from local pruning debris can be put back into the landscape as a healthy amendment. Locally sourced mulch is a sustainable option, supporting the local economy and lessening the carbon footprint. Because it is derived from organic material, it settles onto the soil and does not blow away like mulch that has been recycled from treated wood products such as pallets. It must, however, first be watered in so that it settles.

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