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Nip Weeds in the Bud

It's warming up and our landscape plants are growing and blooming. Unfortunately, these plants are also joined by weeds. By weeds, we mean unwanted plants, especially those that have the potential to outgrow and displace the plants we put in our landscape on purpose.

Now is the time to get ahead of weeds to prevent a larger problem later. Putting an end to them when they first appear can prevent them from flowering or seeding which helps them spread. There are two basic methods of weed control: hand-pulling and spraying them.

If the ground is still moist from rain, hand-pulling will get immediate results. Pulling is much easier and you should be able to remove the root of the weed. If you only remove the top part of the weed but leave the root in the ground, it's going to grow back.

Applying a weed killer product is another alternative and is most effective when sprayed on small, newly emerging weeds. Trying to pull out short weeds often ends up with them breaking and leaving the root in the ground to regrow. Taller weeds that are sprayed will eventually turn brown and will still need to be pulled out and removed.

Use the proper treatment on the right weed. Before applying any weed killer, read the label, pay attention to safety precautions and pollinator information, and know the difference between the two basic types of products. Better still, contact us at Bearss Landscaping. We have properly trained, licensed, and experienced individuals who will use weed killers safely and most effectively to eradicate your weeds.

Remember that a healthy landscape is your best defense against weeds. Encourage the plants you want by keeping them healthy so that they can establish themselves and push out weeds by taking their real estate.


Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (2019, May 17). Tip of the Week: Nip weeds in the bud.

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