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Water your Landscape

As we in Chaffe County continue to experience drought conditions, it is important to remember to water our landscapes. Drought stress can dehydrate roots. Freeze damage can leave plants vulnerable to insects or other stressors later on. Stressed lawns can attract pests like turf mites. By the time summer heat returns, your plants may no longer be strong enough to survive.

Mild days during winter will dry out plants and roots. Supplemental watering during dry spells in the winter can keep plants healthy enough to move on and deal with the next stress factor more successfully. Here are some tips for successful cold-season watering:

  • Days over 40 degrees provide a great opportunity to get out your hose and begin watering your grass, trees, and shrubs.

  • If you check the soil and it is dry down to about three inches deep, then you should apply supplemental water to the lawn, trees, and other plants.

  • As long as daytime temps are above freezing and soil is not frozen, plants can be watered.

  • It is best to water trees with a deep root watering device attached to the hose so that water gets deeper into the soil where roots live.

  • Run the hose with a sprinkler attached to water the lawn. Just as you should do in the summer, use a cycle-and-soak approach to give the lawn a long, slow drink that it can absorb.

  • Water at mid-day to give plants time to absorb moisture before freezing overnight.


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